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MAY 2006
Craig Brewer news

Craig Brewer news
Brewer to direct "Maggie Lynn" with Allain and Singleton attached as producers.
Source: Variety
May 25, 2006
"Hustle & Flow" director Craig Brewer will stick with Paramount for his next project, "Maggie Lynn," a country-music drama that he'll write and direct. Stephanie Allain and John Singleton will produce. Brewer's 2nd film, "Black Snake Moan", with Samuel L. Jackson and Christina Ricci comes out later this year.

The movie has a video store clerk (Jack Black) who becomes magnetized at a local power plant. He accidentally erases all the videotapes at the local video store owned by Glover's character. Instead of telling the store owner what happened, Black and his friend decide to re-create the films using the townspeople as actors in order to keep the one customer who keeps the store alive - an elderly lady.


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