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June 2006


Release Date: October 27, 2006
( in Atlanta, Washington DC, Baltimore, St. Louis, Memphis, Detroit)

Starting November 10th, the film will be released in the following additional markets: Cleveland, Houston, Chicago, Jackson, MS, Dallas, Birmingham, Norfolk, Little Rock, Kansas City, New York, Los Angeles, Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, Columbia, SC

Distributor: Nu-Lite Entertainment
Director: Jean-Claude LaMarre
Producers: Rev. Cecil "Chip" Murray, Jesse Levostre, & Kenneth Halsband
Screenwriter: Jean-Claude LaMarre
Cast: Jean-Claude LaMarre, Debbi Morgan, Ananda Lewis

Synopsis:  This movie examines the final 48 hours of Jesus Christ’s life before his capture at Mount Gethsemane. Jean-Claude LaMarre, an accomplished Haitian-American director/writer/actor, is directing the movie and also wrote the screenplay. Emmy winning actress Debbi Morgan (“Coach Carter,” “Woman Thou Art Loosed”) plays the role of Mary and TV personality/ Host Ananda Lewis (MTV, Entertainment Tonight).

By portraying Jesus as a black man, this movie may appear controversial to some. However, it stands to be the single most positive image of a black lead character in a film to date. This film will undeniably resonate in the hearts and minds of the black community and strike a cord of inspiration in the hearts of Christians of all ethnicities around the world. The film’s controversy lies in the portrayal of Jesus as a black Nazarene, persecuted because of his radical interpretation of the Torah.

“Color of the Cross” tells a story that is familiar to most. However, since Jesus is portrayed as a black man, this version of the story of Jesus can examine the role that race may have played in the persecution, capture, and crucifixion of Jesus. The movie addresses four areas: Jesus and his disciples, the state of mind of the Romans occupying Judea, the issues facing the Rabbis in the Sanhedrin, and the family life of Joseph, Mary and their remaining children as they were affected by Jesus' persecution.

The movie opens with Jesus and the disciples approaching Jerusalem for the Last Supper and the film unfolds with the events leading up to Jesus’ capture and crucifixion. This extensively researched film remains true to Biblical and historical facts.

Website: www.colorofthecross.com

Trailer: Click Here

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