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MAY 2006

Rock to direct "I Think I Love My Wife" with Kerry Washington and Gina Torres.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter
May 14, 2006

Chris Rock has signed on to direct the comedy "I Think I Love My Wife" for Fox Searchlight.

Charles Stone was slated to direct the Rock starrer, but he recently dropped out. Kerry Washington and Gina Torres have boarded the project, which begins shooting this month in New York.

The film, a remake of Eric Rohmer's 1972 French comedy "Chloe in the Afternoon," centers on Richard Cooper (Rock), a professional who is married to Brenda (Torres), with whom he has a young daughter. When his old flame (Washington) enters the picture, Cooper soon discovers he is in way over his head.

Rock penned the screenplay with longtime collaborator Louis C.K.




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