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March 2006
Resident Evil 3 news

Resident Evil 3 News 
The gang is back as Epps, Fehr and Glen will reprise their roles in the third installment. 
Date: March 8, 2006
 Source: Production Weekly - http://www.productionweekly.com/site.html

Oded Fehr will reprise as Carlos Olivera role in the third installment for “Resident Evil” franchise.

Paul W.S. Anderson, who penned the first two films, is returning to write “Resident Evil: Extinction,” which will be directed by Russell Mulcahy.

Milla Jonovich is back as Alice, and she is returning with a new pack of humans, leading a caravan that’s cutting through the Nevada desert on a long trek to Alaska. Hunted by the minions of the perpetually scheming Dr. Isaacs, Alice has zombies hungry for her flesh and lab rats hungry for her blood—while Alice herself is hungry for only one thing; revenge.

Also joining the cast is Mike Epps and Iain Glen as Dr. Isaacs.

Production is scheduled to begin in mid-May over in Mexicali, Mexico.



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