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January 2006

By Wilson Morales
January 29, 2006

While hanging out at the Four Seasons in LA, I ran into Director Tim Story, who mentioned to me that actress Kerry Washington will have a bigger role to the sequel of The Fantastic Four. As we know from the first film, Washington played the blind girl, Alicia Masters, who by the end of the film was seen kissing The Thing, which implies that she may be his new girlfriend. For those who know her character from the comic books, Masters is the daughter of The Puppet Master. Whether The Puppet Master is included in the film, we shall see. Story also mentioned that filming will begin in August. The sequel is expected to be released on July 4, 2007.


Stay tuned for more information.
On a personal note, with Kerry Washington being black, if I were looking to cast The Puppet Master and was looking
at black actor for the role, here are some choices I would consider:
Keith David
Billy Dee Williams
Chewetel Ejoifor
Djimon Hounson
Don Cheadle
Laurence Fishburne,
Ernie Hudson,
Michael Clarke Duncan - Maybe not, played the Kingpin in another Marvel film
Samuel L. Jackson,
Delroy Lindo,
Eamonn Walker,
Idris Elba



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