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January 2006
First Look:


Release Date: Sundance Film Festival 2006
Director: Chris Gorak
Screenwriter: Chris Gorak
Cast: Rory Cochrane, Mary McCormack, Tony Perez, Scotty Noyd Jr., Max Kasch, Will McCormack

Synopsis: Dirty bombs have been simultaneously detonated in Downtown, Beverly Hills, and at LAX, spreading mass panic through Los Angeles.  By focusing on one couple (Mary McCormack and Rory Cochrane) and driving the narrative via news radio, writer-director Chris Gorak has made what is perhaps the first indie urban crisis movie a heart-in-your-throat viewing experience.  But it is Gorak’s background as a production designer (“Lords of Dogtown”) and art director (“Minority Report”) that may be most responsible for his ability to pull it off: in this movie, dollops of ash fall like toxic snow as whole city blocks burn in the distance.  A story about the life-and-death choices one couple must make in the face of chaos, RIGHT AT YOUR DOOR is also a timely rumination on how the press and federal government responds to disasters of unthinkable proportions. 

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