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December 2005
First Look: The Night Listener

First Look:  
The Night Listener

Release Date: Sundance 2006
Distributor: IFC Films
Director: Patrick Stettner
Producers: Jill Footlick, John Hart, Robert Kessel, and Jeff Sharp
Screenwriters: Patrick Stettner, Armistead Maupin & Terry Anderson, based on a novel by Armistead Maupin
Cast: Robin Williams, Toni Collette, Sandra Oh, Rory Culkin, John Cullum, Bobby Cannavale, Joe Morton, Rodrigo Lopresti


"I'm a fabulist by trade," warns Gabriel Noone, a late-night radio storyteller, as he begins to untangle the skeins of his tumultuous life: his crumbling ten-year love affair, his disaffection from his Southern father, his longtime weakness for ignoring reality. Gabriel's most sympathetic listener is Pete Lomax, a thirteen-year-old fan in Wisconsin whose own horrific past has left him wise and generous beyond his years. But when this virtual father-son relationship is rocked by doubt, a desperate search for the truth ensues.



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