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December 2005
Laurence Fishburne News

Laurence Fishburne news
Fishburne Helming The Alchemist
Source: Production Weekly
December 16, 2005
Laurence Fishburne will adapt, direct and star in an adaptation of Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist, reports Production Weekly.

Fishburne will play the part of Santiago, well-educated and who had intended to be a priest. A desire for travel, however, prompted him to become a shepherd instead. He's contented, but then he dreams twice about hidden treasure, an a seer tells him to follow the dream's instructions: got to Egypt's pyramids, where he fill find a treasure. Santiago makes it to the pyramids and there learns where his fortune is actually to be found.

The film will shoot in Dubai, amongst other locations including Jordan, next year.


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