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October 2005
Dreamgirls News

Dreamgirls Update


October 27, 2005

Source: Reuters UK

Danny Glover has been added to the long awaited film, "Dreamgirls", a musical based on the stage hit about a female singing group called the Dreamettes. The play was a thinly veiled story of the Supremes. Bill Condon (Gods and Monsters, Kinsey) will direct the film for Dreamworks. Already cast in the film are Beyonce Knowles (of R & B group Destiny's Child) as Deena Jones, one of the Dreamettes, Jamie Foxx has been cast as Svengali-like manager Curtis Taylor Jr., and Eddie Murphy as R & B star James "Thunder" Early. Glover will play Murphy's manager, Marty Madison.  Glover is currently on recurring role on NBC's ER, playing Mekhi Phifer's father.


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