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October 2005
Jolie Magazine Party: An Interview with Vivica A. Fox

Jolie Magazine Party: An Interview with Vivica A. Fox

By Tonisha Johnson

Jolie means to live pretty, which best describes the guest of honor and Editor at Large Vivica A. Fox. A cool pink carpet greeted Ms. Fox with welcome arms and tons of flashing light bulbs. As well as celebrity guests de jour Tyson Beckford, Joanne Borgella from Mo’niques Fat Chance, Harris Faulkner and “Missing” co-hosts Caterina Scorsone and Justin Louis.

What does Jolie stand for?

Vivica Fox: Jolie is French for pretty. It means to live pretty. Fabulush Inc presents Jolie. And Jolie means to live pretty so we want to introduce you guys to the Fabulush life complements of Vivica Fox.


Vivica Fox: I was approached by 3 beautiful African American sisters that came at me with the most professional presentation for me to enter a market, that I’ve been in for a long time, that I’ve made a lot of other people a lot of money. And I really feel that there is a lack of magazines for us. So, the ladies did a really beautiful presentation. They used to work for another magazine where they were literally making money for a white guy selling it to African American females. And they just said that their biggest goal was that they wanted to take their knowledge and channel that into their own magazine. So once we sat down and talked, I thought it was a wonderful opportunity. I’m always in magazines so why not have my own magazine.

What made you want to get involved with this magazine?

Vivica Fox: I’m Editor at Large. And I also offer an advice column. We come out every other month. Basically what I do is whoevers on the cover, I sit them down and I’d have like a celebrity one on one type of interview. Just to get some kind of a different interview. Cause you know sometimes they can be a little more relaxed and you get a little bit of a different spin on the interview. I’m excited.

What’ up with the new film Getting Played?

Vivica Fox: We just sold it to New Line films. It may go straight to DVD. I really hope it doesn’t. It was another producer notch on my belt. I also did The Salon which opened up at Sundance; with Dondre Whitfield, Monica Calhoun; it was just really wonderful. I’m just taking baby steps. I’m trying to become a business woman. I’m trying to become an entrepreneur. But you know, they don’t open a lot of doors for sisters. So I’m opening up my own doors. I’m just so glad that I can make these 3 sisters dreams come true tonight. We met 6 months ago. Nothing but the blessings of the Lord. Everyone’s looking forward to it. It’s just a blessing. You’d think as long as I’ve been working, I’d be commanding that $20 Million dollar contract. But it hasn’t happened yet and it’s ok. Cause I’m on a network that supports women. That supports the community.

Are you referring to Lifetime?

Vivica Fox: Yes. I love Lifetime. Lifetime’ very very good to me. They support the community. We do awareness for HIV; things that affect our community and more importantly, women. I’ve found a happy home. I’ve got an independent film deal with them as well. Lions Gate is the producing partner with Lifetime for “Missing”. So, I’ve been a smart business woman. And I finally found a home where they might say, she’ starting to look a little old but they appreciate me and watch me become a woman.

I was talking to Eddie [Griffin] and he said ‘that’s my girl. She’s hoodie goodie’. What’s your response to that?

Vivica Fox: Hoodie goodie. Yeah. That’s the perfect description for me. Ghetto fabulous. That’s just a compliment because that really is me. I’m ghetto. I’m fabulous. I love life. I love representing us. And I learned to embrace the hat that I’m wearing. That I’m letting people know that you can still be from the ghetto, you can still be fabulous, you can still be articulate, and you can still be a good business woman and do your thing.

What can we expect next from Vivica A. Fox?

Vivica Fox: Baby. I mean, to be honest with you, Jolie has required so much of my time. I am the voice of Cadillac. I play a villain called Black Velvet in the new Lunatics which is introducing kids to the new version of the Looney Tunes. That’s on the WB Kids network.

When is that coming out?

Vivica Fox: I think at the end of September. Yeah, so I got that coming out. The two films that may go straight to DVD but I got them done. And hopefully a little vacation time is coming up. I’ve been working for the last two years straight. I’ve been very blessed. I’ve been on the move. So maybe a couple of weeks vacation time. I got a couple of things that are brewing but I can’t speak about them just yet.




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