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September 2005
SERENITY : Press Conference interview with Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres and Morena Baccarin

SERENITY: Press Conference interview with Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres and Morena Baccarin

By Fred Topel

How big of an adjustment was it to do the movie?

NF: We had more time and more room to swing our arms. It felt good. It didn't feel like we had bit off too much. It felt real.

GT: It felt right. That's Joss. We didn't have to meet anything that we hadn't in some way, shape or form, experienced in the series. This was all part of this world that we had come to know. In that way it was organic.

Did Joss direct all the episodes of Firefly?

NF: No he directed some of them.

Was it very different from what he did on the show?

NF: Not different at all. He makes for a very comfortable working atmosphere. He makes it difficult to fail, even when I do. He makes it easy. He's very self-deprecating. We all poke fun at each other. There's no pride involved. We're all there for a good time. We all trust each other. It makes it really easy to get out there and risk it. To try something new and to risk it whether it works or not. You're in a safe environment to exercise this craft. It makes for a really smooth place to work. Joss creates that. Could you tell the difference working with Fox as opposed to Universal?

NF: We could feel the network breathing down our necks everyday.

MB: Well, what are they gonna do, cancel us?

NF: We spent a month filming a two-hour pilot and the notes we get back from the network were "Why are there horses?" (Laughter).

MB: Universal was incredibly supportive. We felt a huge difference. It felt like they were in it with us.

GT: And they knew what they were signing on for.

NF: Every time you say sci-fi or especially if you say sci-fi western people get a little angsty and weird. If you say sci-fi western you're gonna have a hard time selling that, but the fact is it's just a setting. It's just an idea. It's just a layer of an environment. It's not the movie. The movie's about people. The movie's about choices. The movie's about relationships and that's what good movies are about.

Did they do a screening at Comic Con? What was the reaction?

NF: Kind of like this, Aaaah!

GT: You know Home Alone.

You know what I'm referring to?

NF: They laugh at all the right places. They gasp at all the places.

MB: They cry

NF: They cry, unless they're robots and they walk away having experienced something.

MB: People come up to us and say "It's amazing. It's not a disappointment in anyway. It's better. We can't wait to see 10 more movies."

Has he told you what a sequel will be like?

NF: He's told me, but I'm not allowed to tell anybody. Not even you (indicated M)

MB: (whispering) It's because you die.

NF: I asked Joss when he was writing the script, he said I finished the script. That's great. Read me the first line and the last line. And he says, the first line is "It was like this" and the last line is "Boy it was weird how Mal died in the first act." (laughter).

GT: Yeah, we don't know.

You seem to have a similar sense of humor to Joss' are you kindred spirits that way?

NF: My mom always says to me Nathan, you're really dorky. You're very much a geek through and through. You're advantage is you look mainstream. (laughter). I'm gonna agree with that.

How long has she been telling you that?

NF: As soon as I started looking mainstream, which was around 22, 25.

MB: Being around him and Joss you kind of step back and watch them go at it. It's really funny.

GT: And nobody is safe. You think there's a compliment coming and then it goes around the corner and gets hit by a truck and then maybe reaches you all mangled and by then it doesn't sound so much like a compliment anymore. By then it just sounds like, Just get on set.

NF: And with Summer you have to make stuff up. She's like the toughest target of all.

Do you guys know what you're doing next?

GT: I think they're taking us to another room. (Laughter). I actually start a new movie tomorrow. It's a great independent called Jam. Written and directed by a newcomer Craig Sterling. I play a character named Lilac who is stuck in a traffic jam with her lover who's pregnant.

MB: I have an audition this afternoon. Wish me luck.

NF: I'm auditioning too. I'm huffing around looking for work. I have a sign that says Will food for work. I stand on Sepulveda at the 405 and I have arrows that switch the words around.

GT: We have some gardening that needs done. Why don't you come over, we'll feed ya. I gotta plug another movie. A movie called Five Fingers that should be out early next year with Ryan Phillippe and Lawrence Fishburne.

And Nathan you have Slither coming up?

NF: I play I'm Bill Party. Chief of Police. The guy when the shit hits the fan the guy you probably wouldn't turn to, but it kind of falls on him to save the world.

Why is it called Slither if it's not about snakes?

NF: Excellent question. It is a sci-fi horror. There's a lot of slime and slipping. There's slithering going on.

And are you guys bucking for any Wonder Woman parts?

NF: I'm bucking for Wonder Woman

GT: Or are you bucking Wonder Woman? Thank you! Goodnight!


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