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September 2005
First Look: The Matador

The Matador

Miramax Films
Director: Richard Shepard
Producers: Sidney Kimmel, John Penotti, Fisher Stevens, Bonnie Timmermann, and Tim Williams
Cast: Pierce Brosnan, Greg Kinnear, Hope Davis, Adam Scott, Jonah Meyerson, Dylan Baker, Philip Baker Hall

In a wacky chance encounter at a Mexican hotel bar, Julian, a sleazy hitman, strikes up a peculiar friendship with Danny, a struggling salesman. Lonely Julian is thrilled to make a friend and offers to solve all of Danny's financial problems if he'll help with a hit. When Danny balks at the crazy proposition Julian begs forgiveness for crossing the line, but it's too late and the two part company. Burnt out on drugs, sex and death, Julian heads to Venice where he fails a hit. His employer wants Julian's head. Julian tracks down Danny down in America and begs him as his only friend for help. He's been given one last chance but he can't pull off the job alone. This time Danny agrees and the obligation binding the two men from different worlds is startlingly revealed...

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