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September 2005
Mike Epps News



While promoting his latest film, “Roll Bounce” in NYC, actor-comedian Mike Epps talked about coming back for the next installment of “Resident Evil”, which is tentatively titled – Resident Evil: Afterlife. "Afterlife" will be set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun with mutant zombies. The film will play in the Nevada desert with the Aussie outback standing in for the American wasteland. In the final reel, the action will shift to Japan, setting up the fourth installment.

Has there been any talk about bringing your character back?

Mike Epps: Yep, we're shooting it in March and this time, they are going to let me be hard. I asked the director, “Something's strange because why did you let me live? Black people die in these movies” and he was like, “Well Mike, I kinda like you.” So then I asked him, “Are you setting me up to die?” because if there's a fourth movie, I'm as good as dead.

Well, do you get to live?

ME: I don't know this time. But I tell you what. If I gotta die in this one, I'm not doing it. I'm not dying in any of my movies.



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