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August 2005
First Look: Nine Lives

Nine Lives
Release Date:
October 14, 2005
Distributor: Magnolia Pictures
Director: Rodrigo Garcia
Screenwriter: Rodrigo Garcis
Cast: Robin Wright Penn, Elpida Carrido, Glenn Close, Holly Hunter, Lisa Gay Hamilton, Dakota Fanning, Sissy Spacek, Kathy Baker, Aidan Quinn, Molly Parker, Stephen Dillane, Amy Brennenman, Mary Kay Place, Ian McShane, William Fitchner, Joe Mantegna
Sandra (Elpida Carrillo), is literally in prison and wants desperately to connect with her visiting child. Diana (Robin Wright Penn) confronts the sudden flash of a past relationship long after she has moved on to a new life. Holly (Lisa Gay Hamilton) can’t seem to move forward until her stepfather acknowledges the pain he has caused her. Sonia (Holly Hunter) reels from her boyfriend’s disclosure of an intimate secret to their closest friends. Teenager Samantha (Amanda Seyfreid) is caught in a static loop as the peacemaker between her parents. Lorna (Amy Brenneman) attempts to comfort her ex-husband after his wife’s suicide and finds herself implicated in the tragic death. Ruth (Sissy Spacek) considers straying from married life during a motel rendezvous. Camille (Kathy Baker) faces the limitations of her previously dependable body. Maggie (Glenn Close) allows her own life to be eclipsed by that of her young daughter, Maria (Dakota Fanning).

NINE LIVES is a moving exploration of the individual experiences of nine women as told through nine single unbroken takes.

By depicting nine different characters at emotional crossroads, NINE LIVES examines how we so often find ourselves captive in relationships, both past and present

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