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July 2005
Must Love Dogs : An Interview with Diane Lane

Must Love Dogs: An Interview with Diane Lane

By Alberlynne "Abby" Harris

The newest craze in dating has made its way to the big screen. However, unlike the You Got Mail phenomenon of the late nineties, Must Love Dogs takes you on a roller coaster ride through the world wide web and the various dating scenes that a thirty-something, divorced preschool teacher played by Diane Lane goes through. Blackfilm.com sat with Diane Lane to discuss her role.

BF: Hello Diane, the part you play in this movie, it seems a sort of celebration of women, over 35, in Hollywood starring as the romantic lead, without plastic surgery, without tons of make-up. Tell us more about the experience.

DL: To me this is just an honor. I was allowed to work at 16 and they are still allowing me to work. It's an unusual and uncommon situation for any actress. There are a lot of people who grew up with me.

BF: What was the appeal for you of this film?

DL: Gary's [The Director] faith in me that I was the one to play her [Sarah Nolan]. I think he had a vision in mind of how she was to be played. I take direction well and I trusted him.

BF: Tell us about The Outsiders. Working with Matt Dillon and Tom Cruise, and Rob Lowe and Amileo Estevez?

DL: It was a great time. I mean, what a great place to be when you are 17. Its funny to remember and have that on them. And they have it on me too!

BF: Do you have any antidotes from hanging with that crew?

DL: Yeah, I mean they ransacked a couple of hotel rooms. I think it was April Fools. I can't remember why we were there in April. But, long story short, I was on set. I was one of those people working and those that weren't were back at the hotel reeking havoc. They got the keys from the maid; probably because they were so cute. Those maids just did not have a chance.

BF: Before you got married, did you go on the Internet to find a date?


BF: Did you even think about it?

DL: No. It's scary. I've heard stories of people, even celebrities that have gone on-line, pretended to be someone they weren't and conducted a 5-year friendship via e-mail. Then, they got married because they really love each other from all that communication. How they feel about certain subjects, what their passion is, and I swear I will not disclose their nameŠ

BF: But do you really think you can find love on the Internet by what you've heard and doing this movie?

DL: I think if you have the time to sit at your computer long enough and really be thorough. Plus, if you can keep the communication on track and not dally off in some fantasy world you'll be okay. There is an inner-child in all of us and so we go off into a tangent and we become more of a certain way than we can really sustain. Suddenly you are comedian - who knew? Now you have to live up to that in person. Anything is possible and people do try to live up to that.

BF: During the movie Unfaithful, you didn't think you would ever get married again. Now, you're married. What happened?

DL: You just never know. That's the great thing about life. You don't know. I would not want to know. Each day is a new day. I'd hate to be a fish, they say it's one long day for them!

BF: But when you were divorced, did you just say - forget it!

DL: I'll tell you what. I didn't give up. I stopped looking. It was funny too because when I was doing Under the Tuscan Sun, I was experiencing the opposite, emotionally. I was very in love with my soon to beŠwho knew? At the time I did not really count my chickens. But it all worked out.

BF: So how has married life treated you?

DL: I can't even calculate it. I was in such a small bubble and now my house is full of people. It's a shared life. Its not even my house anymore. Its their house! They all have rooms. I don't.

BF: But do you love it?

DL: Oh yeah! I really appreciate it.

BF: Was it love at first sight?

DL: No, I don't think so. Oddly enough, it was an e-mail that was sent. Then we met each other again and started talking. I had never had any romantic interactions over e-mail before. The first e-mail he sent me, I thought, ah, he is a writer. I was right, because that I is passion. He got me writing.

BF: You looked amazing in the film. What is your secret?

DL: I smile. I don't know. I think that anybody that smiles automatically looks better.

BF: What is your exercise of choice?

DL: I hate to sound cliché, but I prefer yoga. I know everybody is doing it, but that's a good thing. More yoga in the world is what we need.

BF: What is it about yoga?

DL: You are the age of your spine. You are as flexible as your spine. That transfers to other areas of your life. Right now flexibility is more important to me than strength.

MUST LOVE DOGS opens on JULY 29, 2005


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