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July 2005
Pride In The City Blackout Arts Series


Annual Affair to Showcase Themed Creative Expressions Highlighting LGBT Community of Color!

Director Maurice Jamal to Introduce New Film Festival Highlighting Black Gay Films!
July 11, 2004 (Brooklyn, NY) – Back by popular demand, Pride in the City, New York’s official Black, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community celebration presents its 2nd Annual BlackOut Arts Series. The event, which takes place at 4:30 PM, Friday, August 5, at the Brooklyn Marriott, 333 Adam Street, celebrates the outstanding artistic contributions the Black LGBT community has made and continues to make to the performing and creative arts communities. This year affair, which includes a wealth of work by a variety of outstanding artists, features a variety of inventive expressions that evokes the elements of fire in design, water in art, earth in writing, air in film and the power of love expressed thru spoken word.

This event, which includes a pre reception, comprises an art exhibit featuring work from a variety of creative talent including word smiths Conscious, Stephanie Adams, Frederick Smith, O’Brien Dennis, Frank Leon Robert, and Marin K. White. Visual exhibits includes “Intimate” by Bernard Morisset; “Pure Light” by Armisey Smith; “Love Letter to My Exes” by Charly; “Approaching” by Odie Rynell Cash; “Elevation” by Sean Stefan Tonio; and Phoenix Rising” which celebrates the artistry of legendary ball icons Derek Prada and Bernie Jourdan Karan.

Filmmaker Maurice Jamal, director of the runaway hit “Sky Trip” returns to head up BlackOut Arts Series’ Maurice Jamal Presents: New Black Gay Films. This visual display of ground breaking films includes “Jumping The Broom” by Debra Wilson; “On The Low” by Luther Mace; “Did I Just Look at Her?”, Couquie Hughes; “Just Between Us” by Kenneth Jackson; and Jamal’s latest release, “”Dirty Laundry”. The evening will end with “OFF RHYME CENTER” a spoken word, open-mic segment.

Pride in the City is New York City’s premiere event celebrating the Black, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community. The goal of the event is to present a festive affair that brings a unique testing service directly to the community, instead of requiring people to travel or visit a clinic or office. People of Color in Crisis, the hosting community-based organization, is hoping that the increased accessibility and ease of this program will help them reach their goal of testing 300 community members for HIV during this period. Testing will take place in the park, on the beach and at the Brooklyn Marriott

People of Color in Crisis, Inc. (POCC), was founded in 1988 by a group of Black gay men to provide support to each other in the face of the AIDS crisis. Since that time, the agency has developed a range of HIV prevention and care services. Throughout its history, POCC has continually assessed the changing needs of the community and responded with culturally and linguistically competent services. By providing a range of opportunities to access information and support, POCC serves approximately 4,000 individuals each year through programs and outreach interventions in Brooklyn, Manhattan and the Bronx.
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