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July 2005
The Noonie G. Story News

 July 19, 2005
 Chicago, IL:  The A Band Apart directing team Coodie & Chike are currently
shooting their debut picture "The Noonie G. Story".  The documentary is narrated
by Chicago-born hip-hop legend Common, and captures Harold ‘Noonie’ Ward’s
dicey gangster past and fascinating ascendance into the upper echelons of
Chicago entertainment, business and politics.

Noonie is a former high-ranking member of the largest criminal organization
in the United States (the Gangster Disciples) and is now one of Chicago’s
entrepreneurial and philanthropic elite.  Noonie’s organizational genius, once used
for terror across the Mid-West, is now focused on positive, productive
business and community development projects.  Noonie’s inspirational story is the
Spring 2005 cover story for F.E.D.S. Magazine.

Coodie & Chike made their directorial debut in 2004 with Kanye West’s
'Through the Wire' which became a Buzzworthy clip on MTV and earned Video-of-the-Year
at The Source Hip-Hop Awards.  Coodie & Chike have since directed West’s
landmark 'Jesus Walks' and 'Two Words', featuring Mos Def and Freeway, worked with
rappers Pitbull and Lil’ Jon on the video 'Culo', and directed Mos Def's
gritty  'Ghetto Rock' video.

Filming in Chicago, Minneapolis, Detroit, Los Angeles, and New York, “The
Noonie G. Story” offers unprecedented inside perspectives on the secretive,
seductive, and sensational world of Chicago gang life.  The narration conducted by
Common adds a valuable dimension of Chicago urban royalty.  The film is
produced by Brandon Himmel. Award-winning journalist Adam Matthews helped shape the
film's narrative and wrote Common's script.

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