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June 2005
The Breed News


By Wilson Morales

Hill Harper and Taryn Manning speak about the horror film

While attending the 2005 Urbanworld Film Festival to promote "Costellation", actor Hill Harper (TV's "CSI:NY", The Skulls, He Got Game) spoke about filming The Breed, while actress Taryn Manning (Hustle & Flow, Cold Mountain, Crossroads, White Oleander) spoke about her role while promoting "Hustle and Flow". Inspired by the horror classics, Cujo and The Birds, The Breed takes place on a remote island where 5 young friends have escaped for a weekend get-away. The beautiful surroundings are home only to wildlife and a group of seemingly friendly dogs. However, the vacationing visitors soon find that the island is inhabited by dozens of feral dog packs and these animals possess an unnatural intelligence and horrifying appetite. The vacation house now becomes a prison as the friends lock themselves up against a mutant species of canines clawing at the door. "The Breed" will mark the directorial debut of Nick Mastandrea, a collaborator of Wes Craven's. Craven will executive produce the film, with David Lancaster, Marianne Maddalena, and Apollo Media producing. First Look Media and DEJ Productions made a deal for worldwide rights.

What is "The Breed" about?

Hill Harper: The Breed is a horror movie that Wes Craven produced. We shot in South Africa. It's Michelle Rodriguez, myself, Oliver Hudson, Taryn Manning, who's in Hustle and Flow, and this guy named Eric Lively. It's about killer dogs. Five people on a island with killer dogs.

What do you think about the horror genre?

HH: The horror genre is fun. There's a lot of opportunity and interesting things happening because people love horror films. You want to change things up. You want to do things that are meaty and interesting but you also want to do things that are entertaining. The Breed is an example of a film that is pure popcorn. Constellation is deeper than that, but you want to do it all. You don't want to do just genre.

Taryn, how fun was it shooting The Breed?

Taryn Manning: That was cool. I got to go to South Africa and work with a bunch of really amazing trained dogs. I love animals a lot.

What's your role in the film?

TM: I play Sara. She's kind of like a good college student who gets attacked first by the dogs and gets rabies and starts turning on her group of friends. It was fun. It was wild. It was a good time.

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