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June 2005
Johnny Depp News

Johnny Depp news
June 27, 2005

By Wilson Morales

While speaking about "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" in the Bahamas, Johnny Depp talked about working on "Pirates of the Caribbean 2 & 3".

How is it shooting two films at the same time?

Johnny Depp: Well, it's a lengthy process. It's going to take us a while.

Over 9 months?

JD: Maybe more.

Are you shooting the films back to back?

JD: As much as we can, we are doing two, and every now and then, you may have to slot something in from "Pirates 3", but the majority of what we have done so far have been 2 and then we will start moving into 3 after the hiatus. It's been great fun so far

Why did you choose to revisit the role of Captain Jack?

JD: For me, there was only reason and one reason only, it was Captain Jack. It was selfishly to have the opportunity to play Captain Jack again. Some people can look at it and say, "Depp sold out." I don't believe that I have. It certainly wasn't my attention to sell out but I wanted to play again because I think he's so much fun to play and I think there is so much more to explore with that character that I would keep going. If they wanted me to do "Pirate 7", why not?

What will we see this time around?

JD: In "Pirates 2 & 3", you will get to see a couple of new layers to Captain Jack. You will get to see him in new situations; situations that he is unable to talk his way out of. There's a lot of fun stuff.

Will Keith Richards be in the film?

JD: It's looking very good. I've talk to Keith about it and he's been super sweet and keen to do it and it's looking very good. We are just hoping that we can work out the dates with the Stones tour and everything but if that happens, you talk about a dream come true. Get to be a pirate with Keith Richards? Does it get better than that?

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