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May 2005
Naomie Harris News

Naomie Harris news
May 29, 2005
Source: Empire Online
Top British actress Naomie Harris is in for a busy few months. Not only is she playing a gypsy in thePirates of the Caribbean sequel; she has also signed on for a role in Michael Mann’s return to his roots, Miami Vice.

With Jamie Foxx and Colin Farrell playing the lead roles of Detectives Ricardo Tubbs and James ‘Sonny’ Crockett respectively, the rest of the cast is beginning to fill out nicely. Gong Li (Raise the Red Lantern, 2046) plays the villainous head of an international crime organisation, with Northern Irish actor Ciaran Hinds as one of Tubbs and Crockett's detective colleagues. Now Naomie will join the cast as Gina Calabrese, the love interest for Detective Tubbs. Assuming that the film follows the characters established in the show, Calabrese isn’t just window-dressing – god forbid that a major motion picture would feature a woman as mere totty! She’s also a Detective and a pretty tough cop in her own right, so hopefully Naomie will get to put the fighting skills she learned battling infected in 28 Days Later to good use.
With Michael Mann writing, directing and producing, this should be one of the better crime thrillers you’re going to see next year, and with the addition of Harris to a cast already groaning with eye-candy, it’s certain to be one of the best looking, even if Colin Farrell does sport a tiny, girly ponytail.




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