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December 2006
Week of December 11th through December 15th




An Interview with Beyonce Knowles

Ms. Knowles talks about working to land the role, being compared to the Supremes, working with such a wonderful cast, and writing a song for the film.

An Interview with Jamie Foxx

Foxx talks about his character being compared to Berry Gordy, working with such a wonderful cast, and going on tour to do his musical thing

An Interview with Jennifer Hudson

Hudson talks having the time of her life, singing the song, and of course, the Oscar talk.

An Interview with Keith Robinson

Robinson talks about getting the role, working with the cast, and his musical aspirations.

An Interview with Anika Noni Rose

Rose spoke about getting the role, working Beyonce and Jennifer, and the transition from stage to screen.

An Interview with Hinton Battle

Battle talks about his role, the difference between the show and film, and working the Jamie Foxx.

An Interview with Director Bill Condon

Condon talks about the challenge of putting the film together, working with Jennifer and Beyonce, and working hard on the song that captures the film

An Interview with Producer Laurence Mark

Mark talks about putting the film together, casting the female leads, and the comparisons to the Supremes.