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January 2005
First Look: Kicking and Screaming

First Look: Kicking and Screaming

Release Date: May 13, 2005
Distributor: Universal Pictures
Film Genre: Comedy
Country: United States
Director: Jesse Dylan
Screenwriter: Leo Benvenuti & Steve Rudnick
Cast: Will Ferrell, Robert Duvall, Mike Ditka, Kate Walsh, Jim Turner, Jarrad Paul.

Kicking & Screaming stars Ferrell as Phil Weston, an average Joe who's had to put up all his life with his overly competitive father, Buck (Robert Duvall). When Phil decides to coach his 10-year-old son's soccer team, he goes head-to-head for the league championship against Buck, who coaches his own young son on the preeminent team of the league. Old scores come into play as Phil and Buck find themselves going to extreme measures to win the championship trophy.

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