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September 2004
Week of September 6th through September 10th


Now that the summer is over, get ready for an avalance of films that have the potential to be blockbusters, flops, and Oscar Contenders. All of the heavyweight actors that we come to love are out with films that will bring in their legion of fans. Jamie Foxx will certainly bring in a crowd as he's set to Ray Charles. Wesley Snipes reprises his role as Blade in the third film of the franchise. Monique brings her version of a "beauty shop" in "HAIR SHOW", and Queen Latifah will be a hoot in "Taxi".

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Latest Features Additions:
Fall Preview
Now that the Fall is over; get ready for an avalanche of films that have the potential to be blockbusters, flops, and Oscar Contenders.

Cellular: Cast Interviews
Kim Basinger
Chris Evans

The Cookout : An Interview with the cast
The Cast of The Cookout speaks to Tonisha Johnson as they were eager to tell there experiences on working together on the film.

Wicker Park : An Interview with Josh Hartnett
Hartnett reflects on his early days as a teen idol, his work in “Wicker Park”, and the direction he sees his career going in future roles
Paparazzi: An Interview with Cole Hauser and Robin Tunney
Hauser and Tunney recently spoke to blackfilm.com about their latest project, how their own interaction with the media have gone, and what they’re working on as each of their stars continue to rise in Hollywood.

On the Set Report: Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo
Eddie Griffin talks about working in Amsterdam with Rob Schneider on the sequel to Deuce Bigalow.

Anacondas: An Interview with Morris Chestnut
Morris recently spoke about the reason he took on this film and how the production shoot wasn’t a pleasant shoot, but he had fun anyway.

Hero: An Interview with Jet Li
Jet Li talks about his latest film, and what he did to prepare himself for the film as well as the hopes of making a film with Jackie Chan.

September's DVD Releases

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Entertainment news
First Looks

First Look: Shall We Dance?
First Look: The Woodsman

First Look: Alexander
First Look: P.S.
First Look: Chisholm '72 : Unbought & Unbossed First Look: Saw
First Look: Taxi
First Look: Hair Show
First Look: Seed of Chucky
First Look: Brother to Brother



Latest Review Additions:
The Cookout (in Film )
It’s time to drop all pretenses and call out the people inundating us with an unrelenting stream of cinematic garbage. The Cookout is a good idea with a terrible script. 
Suspect Zero (in Film )
Suspect Zero is another failed attempt in the serial killer genre. The studio behind this would save themselves loads of money in marketing and distribution by sending this straight to video.  It’s that bad.
Vanity Fair (in Film )
Mira Nair, the renowned Indian director behind Monsoon Wedding, really overstretches the scope of the story.The result is a disjointed film that becomes incredibly tedious to watch.
We Don't Live Here Anymore (in Film )
We Don’t Live Here Anymore is an intense, personal drama about two married couples and their reactions to infidelity. The acting is absolutely superb.  Every performance is unique and right on the money.
Hero (in Film )
Empty of saturation of fists of fury, Hero is bound for glory with its beauty and wonder in colorful scenery, brilliant film effects and spectacular imagery, yet still seemingly simple and plain.
Alien Vs. Predator (in Film )
Believe it or not, "Alien Vs. Predator" is not as bad as you would like to think. As the first African American female to lead to a sci-fi genre film, Sanaa Lathan is very courageous and prominent in this battle of the species.
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