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May 2004
Week of May 10th thru May 14th

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Latest Additions:
Film Festival: Ten Years of Freedom
Coming out this week is "Ten Years Of Freedom - Films from the New South Africa," which is the biggest event in the US marking the 10 years since Nelson Mandela was elected.
An Outlook on The Passion of the Christ
Blackfilm.com sat down with Reverend Clinton M. Miller, 36, pastor of Brown Memorial Baptist Church in Brooklyn, NY to hear his views on Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ.
The Punisher : Cast Interviews

Thomas Jane
John Travolta

Johnson Family Vacation: Cast Interviews

Cedric the Entertainer
Bow Wow and Solange Knowles

The Whole Ten Yards: An Interview with Bruce Willis & Matthew Perry
Willis and Perry recently spoke to Blackfilm.com about their experiences making the sequel.
DVD Releases
When you think about the films recently released on DVD, you can tell that a number of different genres being represented
I'm Not Scared: An Interview with Gabriele Salvatores
From Richard Pryor to In Living Color to Dave Chappelle, the best of comedy is on DVD display.
Ella Enchanted: An Interview with Anne Hathaway
From Richard Pryor to In Living Color to Dave Chappelle, the best of comedy is on DVD display.
Home on the Range: Cast Interviews

Jennifer Tilly

Walking Tall : Cast Interviews

The Rock
Kevin Bray

Hellboy: Cast Interviews

Ron Perlman
Selma Blair

Never Die Alone: Cast Interviews

Ernest Dickerson

Scooby Doo 2: Cast Interviews

Matthew Lillard
Linda Cardellini

Jersey Girl: An Interview with Ben Affleck
Ben talks about working with Will Smith, becoming a father one day, and the crazy year he's had so far, especially with the breakup with you know who.

By Wilson Morales

Bon Voyage: An Interview with Jean-Paul Rappeneau & Virginie Ledoyen
I recently had the honor of interviewing its renowned director, Jean-Paul Rappeneau, and star, Virginie Ledoyen, in New York City.

DVD Releases
Lots of goodies come out on DVD this week.
Taking Lives : Cast Interviews

Angelina Jolie
Ethan Hawke

Dawn of the Dead: An Interview with Ving Rhames
His persona as the tough-minded no-nonsense brother will once again be displayed in his latest film, the remake to George Romero's Dawn of the Dead, where Ving plays a cop named Kenneth. Ving talks about generating fear from this film and what gets him going as an actor.

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Latest Additions:
The folks at Fox  have been kind enough to show us a quick look at the latest films from Denzel Washington and Will Smith.
From Richard Pryor to In Living Color to Dave Chappelle, the best of comedy is on DVD display.
Sneak Peak: Nora's Hair Salon

Sneak Peak: Breakin' All The Rules
Take a peak at Jamie Foxx's next film.
Sneak Peak: Johnson Family Vacation
Thanks to the folks over at Fox Searchlight, we have our first peak at Cedric the Entertainer's lastest film, JOHNSON FAMILY VACATION. According to Greg's Preview on Yahoo!, here are some notes on the film.

By Wilson Morales

Celebrate Black History Month: Recommended Films
February is Black History Month and what better way to celebrate it than to rent out some classic films and other notable DVDs that will educate and entertain you and your family.

Sneak Peak: Never Die Alone
Thanks to the folks over at Fox Searchlight, we have our first peak at DMX's lastest film, NEVER DIE ALONE.

DVD Releases
Females dominate this week's DVD releases as a slew of them represent a romantic film, a thriller, an adolescent film, and a TV reality show.

By Wilson Morales

blackfilm.com would like to recognize the black talent who made a contribution to the film industry this year.

Prepared by Wilson Morales

DVD Releases
Coming out this week on DVD are some film favorites and the sequel to a blockbuster.

Prepared by Wilson Morales

Black Film Critics Unite
African American journalists from the print, online and broadcast arenas announce the formation of the African American Film Critics Association.

Prepared by Wilson Morales

The African American Film Critics Association Top Ten List
The African American Film Critics Association Select The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King As The Top Film Of 2003.

Prepared by Wilson Morales

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