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April 2004
Week of April 19th thru April 23rd
MAN ON FIRE opens on April 23rd

Oscar® winner Denzel Washington stars as a government operative / soldier of fortune, who has pretty much given up on life. In Mexico City, he reluctantly agrees to take a job to protect a child (Dakota Fanning) whose parents are threatened by a wave of kidnappings. He eventually becomes close to the child and their relationship reawakens and rekindles his spirit. When she is abducted, his fiery rage is unleashed on those he feels responsible, and he stops at nothing to save her.



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Latest Features Additions:
Man on Fire: An Interview with Denzel Washington
Washington recently spoke to blackfilm.com about the experience, bonding with a child co-star, and his own process of growing up.
13 Going on 30: Cast Interviews

Jennifer Garner
Mark Ruffalo

First Look: Alien Vs. Predator
Here's a first look at Sanaa Lathan's next film.
Kill Bill Vol. 2: An Interview with Director Quentin Tarantino
Blackfilm.com sat with Quentin Tarantino to discuss Volume 2 providing depth into the storyline that audiences have been waiting for.
Sneak Peak: She Hate Me
Take a look at the latest film from Morris Chestnut.
Sneak Peak: Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid
Take a look at the latest film from Morris Chestnut.
An Outlook on The Passion of the Christ
Blackfilm.com sat down with Reverend Clinton M. Miller, 36, pastor of Brown Memorial Baptist Church in Brooklyn, NY to hear his views on Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ.
The Punisher : Cast Interviews

Thomas Jane
John Travolta

Johnson Family Vacation: Cast Interviews

Cedric the Entertainer
Bow Wow and Solange Knowles

The folks at Fox  have been kind enough to show us a quick look at the latest films from Denzel Washington and Will Smith.
The Whole Ten Yards: An Interview with Bruce Willis & Matthew Perry
Willis and Perry recently spoke to Blackfilm.com about their experiences making the sequel.
From Richard Pryor to In Living Color to Dave Chappelle, the best of comedy is on DVD display.
DVD Releases
When you think about the films recently released on DVD, you can tell that a number of different genres being represented
I'm Not Scared: An Interview with Gabriele Salvatores
From Richard Pryor to In Living Color to Dave Chappelle, the best of comedy is on DVD display.
Ella Enchanted: An Interview with Anne Hathaway
From Richard Pryor to In Living Color to Dave Chappelle, the best of comedy is on DVD display.
Home on the Range: Cast Interviews

Jennifer Tilly

Walking Tall : Cast Interviews

The Rock
Kevin Bray

Hellboy: Cast Interviews

Ron Perlman
Selma Blair

Never Die Alone: Cast Interviews

Ernest Dickerson

Sneak Peak: Nora's Hair Salon

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Latest Review Additions:
Kill Bill Vol. 2 (in Film)
Superbly written and acted, Kill Bill Vol.2 outpaces its predecessor by a satisfying margin.
Connie and Carla (in Film)
Nia Vardalos and Toni Collette are good together, but the film needed a better script to showcase their acting talent. The film starts off with a cute premise, then quickly falls into political correctness and silly drag queen humor.
The Punisher (in Film)
The Punisher is an ill-fated attempt of bringing substance to a clichéd genre. There’s a lack of dialogue, a lack of violence, and a total waste of performances by the cast.
The Girl Next Door (in Film)
The Girl Next Door succeeds admirably as the best teen comedy since American Pie. The film could be the launching pad of fame for its young stars.
The Alamo (in Film)
The Alamo is not nearly the disaster it has been made out to be. Having read quite a bit about the story of The Alamo, the latest Hollywood version is the most accurate to date.
Johnson Family Vacation (in Film)
After seeing how well they worked together on television with “The Steve Harvey Show” and then on the big screen with “The Kings of Comedy”, it’s disappointing to see Steve Harvey and Cedric the Entertainer together again in the unfunny film “Johnson Family Vacation”.
Hellboy (in Film)
Pulse pounding with some comedic flair, Hellboy is action adventure flick that's entertaining for newcomers to the comic book genre.
Walking Tall (in Film)
Walking Tall is most the simplistic pulse pounding action film so far this year. Just when you thought the one-man action genre films died with Stallone and Arnold, The Rock proves that he can bring it back with some intelligence and finesse.
Home on the Range (in Film)
Home on the Range is a fine film that proves hand drawn animation still has a place in the cinema. It's a wonderful children's movie and deserves a place among Disney's best.
The United States of Leland (in Film)
The flaw is really in the filmmaking. This is the first feature film from writer/director Matt Hoge. The guy has passion, it's evident on screen, but the film needed some fine-tuning to shore up the story and the pace.
The Prince and Me (in Film)
The problem is that the movie offers nothing more than rote predictability. From the opening credits to the closing credits, the movie plays it safe. It's meant for the teenage girl audience and the filmmakers make sure there's never a worry about plot or substance.
Jersey Girl (in Film)
No one will ever accuse Ben Affleck of not being a sensitive guy after seeing Jersey Girl. Itworks best as a date film. It will illicit tears, a few chuckles, and not much else.
Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed (in Film)
This will probably be the first in an avalanche of sequels, but the film is actually entertaining and an improvement on the original. It's a children's movie from start to finish, but succeeds in dropping some very adult themes over the heads of younger viewers.

The Lady Killers (in Film)
Ethan and Joel Coen have made a career of directing and writing interesting, quirky films with memorable characters, but their latest effort, The Ladykillers, is lacking considerably in all of these categories. It drags out a story that could have easily been resolved in less time.

Never Die Alone (in Film)
In order for anyone to appreciate this film, you have to know that the film is an adaptation of a book by Novelist Donald Goines. In this case, NEVER DIE ALONE, is a very well adapted story for which DMX excels in a role he could do blinded.

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