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March 2004
Hellboy: An Interview with Selma Blair

Hellboy: An Interview with Selma Blair

Over the last few years, Selma Blair has taken roles in different genres but the one thing in common is that she's always has a memorable scene that folks can't forget. Her scene in "The Sweetest Thing" where she has her braces stuck somewhere private was a hoot. Her kiss with Sarah Michelle Gellar in "Cruel Intentions" was certainly a jawdropping moment. Even her role in Todd Solondz's Storytelling was worth noting for her affair with her black professor. Her role in "Hellboy" should have comic book geeks clamoring for her affection as she plays Liz, a pyrokinetic woman Hellboy has feelings for. When speaking to blackfilm.com, Selma talked about her experiences on the set of Hellboy.

How was to work with Ron Perlman?

Selma: Working with Ron Perlman was a gift. I don't even know how to explain how much I appreciate his sense of humor, he's just an amazing leading actor, and he takes care of everyone on set. He's tremendously talented, underused in everythingŠI saw the movie the other night and I was so impressed and thrilled for him because he was perfect for Hellboy. It just went beyond my expectations and I thought he was incredibly sexy as Hellboy. [Laughs]

Your films are more comedic, how was it to change from comedy to drama for you?

Selma: It was so great. "Storytelling" was really the other movie where somebody gave me a shot at playing a dramatic role that was also kind of funny. This is the first one that actually [Liz Sherman] doesn't have anything funny. She is just this kind of dramatic presence and this is also so different for me cause she is so still. I mean she really doesn't haveŠneed to do a lot because she's kind of this ideal of Hellboy that keeps things going. I didn't have a lot of action in this but it was amazing to get to be this kind of a focus.

With all the comic book films that have come out recently, X-Men and all of that. Did you ever say, "It would be fun to play somebody with super powers"?

Selma: Yeah I did. You know I always thoughtŠmore when they started maybe thinking of doing Superman. I of course was like "God I would love to play Lois Lane" cause I would love to be a witness to someone having superpowers and searching for that and falling in love with that, it never occurred to me that anyone will let me actually embody a super part. So I was thrilled that Guillermo [Del Toro] let me do that. I of course loved X-Men and X-Men 2, I thought they were dynamic amazing movies and I think all these comic book movies are so great cause the stories are just classic kind of biblical stories.

Working with special effects and things that aren't there, that's new for you?

Selma: Yeah, it will still be new for me because I didn't even do that for Hellboy. I didn't have any green-screens, I didn't have anything. So I just had to image flames, that was easy and they added that in. And since my character doesn't kick ass in any other way, I wasn't harnessed like these other actors were. So maybe in the sequel she will come into her ownŠshe obviously comes in to her own powers at the end of this one. So there is a lot of room in the sequel for me to report back and I like that.

Is your character directly from the comic?

Selma: In the comic "SEED OF DESTRCUTION" she really isn't heavily featured. She is just this kind of female presence.

Is Hellboy in love with her in the Seed Of Destruction?

Selma: Not so much, people think maybe she is Abe's [Sapien] girl in the comic. So I know people might've taken a little bit of issue with what Liz became, being a girl for Hellboy. Cause I think Hellboy might've had some sexierŠlike crazy girl chicks in the comics. [Laughs] I know Mike Mignola [Creator] was okay with this film having a life of it's own, he fully signed off on that and I think that should probably give the readers some rest, saying their beloved creator said this was okay. [Laughs] I know how protective they all get, and I think with Guillermo who was show involved with the fans from the beginning till now will be able to accept it Liz.

Have you had any experience yet with the fans of Hellboy, did you like attend these comic conventions?

Selma: I did one convention in New Jersey and I was told "Oh My God Their Going To Go Crazy For You" etc etcŠCrickets [Laughs] nothing, they were all there for Ron [Perlman] and I thought "I'm a Girl" these guys are suppose to like girls [Laughs] and be happy that a girl is there and nothing. And I wore a really tight skirt [Laughs] and I got no love. It was all Ron, he has such a fan base from Beauty & The Beast, Blade 2 and Cronos and all that stuff.

So you are definitely on board for the sequel?

Selma: If they want me, yeah.

You had a lot of chemistry on screen with Rupert Evans and he hasn't really done that much before, can you talk about how was it to work with him?

Selma: I'm shocked that Rupert isn't here today, he was such a huge part of the movie, and he was completely made up for the film. Rupert Evans I think he'd done a TV show in London and done some theater work and he's such an amazing actor, so earnest, had such a quality you don't see that much coming from these LA boys. He was so lovely, he was a very dear friend of mine there and I think he did an amazing job as Agent Myers. He was so perfect against Hellboy's sarcasm.

Now going from Hellboy to the new John Waters Film "A Dirty Shame" is something of a transition for you right?

Selma: The remarkable thing about Guillermo Del Toro and John Waters is that their both pioneers in what they do. So there were strange similaritiesŠnot strange at all, their just great filmmakers so there was just a trust that I had in both of them going into it. I don't think I read either of the scripts before I signed on. I was obvious I wanted to work with both of them. So there was a real comfort level. To play Ursula Utters in John's movie was really a sense of the ridiculous and fun andŠit was just an amazing tacky experience. [Laughs]

Are you one of the sex addicts?

Selma: Yeah, I'm one of the sex addicts, I play Ursula Utters and I do have Utters [Laughs] I have these massive breasts. I dare say that with a cast like Tracey Ullman, Johnny Knoxville, and Chris Isaak, Ursula won't be on the poster.

You got a couple of other movies besides the Water's one.

Selma: I'm going to go work on a movie with Christian Slater next month called "The Deal."

Isn't there one called "Hating Her"?

Selma: Yeah, that's an amazing script but it went out of production and now they have a new producer and I dare say I am not the first choice anymore. So that's a sadness to me, I'll cry about that later. [Laughs] It's an amazing script and maybe I can get real famous before they cast that and they'll cast me in it again. I did a few days on "Synergy" with Scarlett Johansson. I play Topher Grace's wife and that was amazing, Paul Weitz directing and I think that will be an incredible film.

Would you still like to play Lois Lane?

Selma: I would love play Lois Lane but again Good Luck [laughs] I think Lois will be a great role for me.

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