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January 2004
Week of January 12th thru January 16th, 2004



If there's any film this year, as early as it is, that can knock the reigning box office champs, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, from its position, it has to be TORQUE. From the producers of S.W.A.T , 2 Fast 2 Furious, and Out of Time, TORQUE stars Ice Cube, Faison Love, Christina Milian, Jay Hernandez, Freddo Star, and Martin Henderson.


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Latest Features Additions:
Of all the rappers who are in the film business from LL Cool J to Queen Latifah, no one has been more successful than Ice Cube.

Prepared by Wilson Morales

If there's anyone in this business who has elevated his game and is worth watching on the big screen, it's Anthony Anderson

Prepared by Wilson Morales

Just when you thought there was all to know about Cuba through film documentaries about Fidel Castro and the acclaimed film "The Buena Vista Social Club", there's more to come.

Prepared by Wilson Morales

Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston speak about the physical challenges in this romantic comedy.

Prepared by Wilson Morales

DVD Releases
Coming out this week on DVD are some film favorites and the sequel to a blockbuster.

Prepared by Wilson Morales

blackfilm.com would like to recognize the black talent who made a contribution to the film industry this year.

Prepared by Wilson Morales

Top Ten Films of 2003
Of the many films I have seen this year (over 250), these are the films I thought were the best of 2003.

Prepared by Wilson Morales

PAYCHECK: An Interview with Joe Morton
Joe talks about his role in the film and lasting in this industry as a character actor.

Prepared by Wilson Morales

Black Film Critics Unite
African American journalists from the print, online and broadcast arenas announce the formation of the African American Film Critics Association.

Prepared by Wilson Morales

The African American Film Critics Association Top Ten List
The African American Film Critics Association Select The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King As The Top Film Of 2003.

Prepared by Wilson Morales

Love Don't Cost a Thing: An Interview with Nick Cannon
Nick speaks about his character in the film and getting folks to take his music seriously.

Interviewed by Wilson Morales

Honey: An Interview with Jessica Alba
Ms. Alba spoke about the rigors of learning the dance moves for the film.

Interviewed by Wilson Morales
Honey: An Interview with Joy Bryant
Joy talks about her character in Honey and giving back to her community.

Interviewed by Wilson Morales
Honey: An Interview with Director Billie Woodruff
Director Billie Woodruff talks about the difference between shooting a video and directing a film.

Interviewed by Wilson Morales
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Latest Review Additions:
My Baby's Daddy (in Film)
My Baby's Daddy is a very disappointing film. It had some genuinely funny moments, but is really not that funny or entertaining as a whole. 
The film is a haunting, thought-provoking, dramatic film. It not only features the challenging issues of right and wrong, but the acting is top notch, especially the work given by Ben Kingsley.
Cold Mountain is a good film, not a great film.  It's not the Oscar behemoth that they're hoping it will be, but I think audiences will generally be satisfied.
PAYCHECK (in Film)
John Woo is back in top form with his futuristic sci-fi thriller Paycheck.
Girl with a Pearl Earring (in Film)
Girl with a Pearl Earring is a masterpiece of production and subtlety.
The Last Samurai (in Film)
It's gripping, emotional, and laced with a splendid production design. Definitely one of the year's best films!
The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King (in Film)
They did save the best for last. Return of the King does an excellent job of delivering the journey part of the story, probably more than any film ever made.
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