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December 2003
Week of December 28th thru Jan.2, 2004


Latest Additions:
The Missing (in Film)
Cate Blanchett and Tommy Lee Jones prove once more why they are the best. Every time I see them on film, I know that I’m getting an excellent performance.

Reviewed by Julian Roman
The Haunted Mansion (in Film)
"Haunted Mansion" doesn't fall under the terms of hilarious, humorous or even amusing. It's full of jokes, but the biggest one is on us and perhaps Murphy himself.

Reviewed by Ron Henriques
Blackfilm.com would like to congratulate the winners of the 5th Annual Jamerican Film & Music Festival.

Prepared by Wilson Morales
Tupac: Ressurection (in Film)
“Tupac: Resurrection” is an extraordinary and riveting documentary and definitely one of the year’s best films.

Reviewed by Wilson Morales
Elf (in Film)
Elf is such a delight that if you don’t see it, you may wind up on the naughty list.

Reviewed by Wilson Morales
The Matrix Revolution (in Film)
What people want as a bubble-gum, cliché-filled happy ending is not the final bow to this masterpiece.

Interviewed by Julian Roman
Radio (in Film)
Cuba Gooding Jr.’s portrayal as James RobertKennedy makes “Radio” an uplifting film where several lessons are learned.

Reviewed by Wilson Morales
Scary Movie (in Film)
Scary Movie 3 is definitely the better of the three films, and shockingly so, even though there is not one Wayans family member in this one.

Reviewed by Edgar Arce
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (in Film)
I am happy to report that this film lives up to the original and it delivers. It’s also sporting something horror films these days are seriously lacking, SCARES. It is a gift to the horror fan who is all “Screamed” out.

Reviewed by Bruno Soto
Pieces of April (in Film)
It’s a film that will you have laughing and crying and leaves you feeling good in the end.

Reviewed by Wilson Morales
Veronica Guerin (in Film)
Not only does Cate Blanchett looks like the murdered journalist, but she captures the essence of who she was and what she accomplished with a breathtaking performance.

Reviewed by Wilson Morales
Mystic River (in Film)
Eastwood has put together a great murder mystery film without it having any clichéd moments from the genre.

Reviewed by Wilson Morales
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Latest Additions:
In America (in Film)
In America accomplishes that rare feat of producing a haunting, dreaml ike narrative without sacrificing any of the elements that ground a film in realism.It’s one of the most emotionally engaging films I have ever seen.

Reviewed by Walter Orsini
Girlhood (in Indie)
Girlhood is an amazing, sobering but must-see look at the way many young people are now coming-of-age and poses the question of how this country can work to give them back the childhoods they deserve..

Reviewed by Niija Kuykendall
Shattered Glass (in Indie)
Shattered Glass is a superbly written movie. It's very entertaining, intriguing, and smart.

Reviewed by Edgar Arce
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