October 2003
Week of October 31st thru November 7th


Is he normal? Is he human? It's interesting that these questions addresses the 2 big films opening up this week. While Keanu Reeves (Neo) to tries to solve the riddle of who he is and save Laurence Fishburne and the city of Zion from tyranny in "The Matrix Revolutions", Will Ferrell leaves the land of Santaville and heads to NYC in search of his roots and prevent folks like Faizon Love and James Caan from being on naughty list in "Elf". The Matrix Revolutions opens on Nov.5 and Elf opens on Nov.7.


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Latest Features Additions:
The Matrix Revolution: An Interview with Laurence Fishburne and Keanu Reeves
Both gentlemen were kind enough to share their thoughts on doing the final film in the trilogy, The Matrix Revolutions.

Interviewed by Alberlynne "Abby" Harris
Elf: An Interview with Will Ferrell
Ferrell talked about the joy of playing the role of an elf.

Interviewed by Wilson Morales
The Matrix Revolution: An Interview with Nona Gaye
Nona spoke to blackfilm.com about the opportunity to be in this film replacing Aaliyah.

Interviewed by Alberlynne "Abby" Harris
The Human Stain: An Interview with Allison Davis
Mr. Davis speaks about his position asa consultant to "The Human Stain".

Interviewed by Wilson Morales
The Human Stain: An Interview with Anna Deveare Smith
Ms. Smith talks about the issue of “passing”.

Interviewed by Wilson Morales
Scary Movie 3: An Interview with Fat Joe
I spoke to him about his role in the film as well as his career in general.

Interviewed by Damani Varnado
Scary Movie 3: An Interview with Anna Faris and Regina Hall
Both actresses talked about being in the film without any of the Wayans Brothers in it.

Interviewed by Monikka Stallworth
Beyond Borders : An Interview with Clive Owens
Owen speaks about his role in the film as well as his role in Antwoine Fuqua’s next film, King Arthur.

Interviewed by Caroline Memnon
Sneak Peak: Johnson Family Vacation
Get a sneak peak at Cedric's latest film.

Compiled by Wilson Morales
DVD Release
Finding Nemo is the highlight to this week's releases.

Compiled by Wilson Morales
Holiday/Winter Preview
With the Holiday season just upon us with Thanksgiving and Christmas looming, it’s time to finish up the movie lineup we have coming our way.

Compiled by Wilson Morales
Kill Bill : An Interview with Vivica A. Fox
Vivica tells us about her latest role in Kill Bill V.1, as well as her future career pursuits.

Interviewed by Monikka Stallworth
Pieces of April : An Interview with Derek Luke
Meeting him at the Regency Hotel recently, Derek spoke about his character in the film and the roles he’s getting now.

Interviewed by Wilson Morales
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Latest Review Additions:
Girlhood (in Indie)
Girlhood is an amazing, sobering but must-see look at the way many young people are now coming-of-age and poses the question of how this country can work to give them back the childhoods they deserve..

Reviewed by Niija Kuykendall
Shattered Glass (in Film)
Shattered Glass is a superbly written movie. It's very entertaining, intriguing, and smart.

Reviewed Edgar Arce
Radio (in Film)
Cuba Gooding Jr.’s portrayal as James Robert Kennedy makes “Radio” an uplifting film where several lessons are learned.

Reviewed by Wilson Morales
Scary Movie (in Film)
Scary Movie 3 is definitely the better of the three films, and shockingly so, even though there is not one Wayans family member in this one.

Reviewed by Edgar Arce
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (in Film)
I am happy to report that this film lives up to the original and it delivers. It’s also sporting something horror films these days are seriously lacking, SCARES. It is a gift to the horror fan who is all “Scream-ed” out.

Reviewed by Bruno Soto
Pieces of April (in Film)
It’s a film that will you have laughing and crying and leaves you feeling good in the end.

Reviewed by Wilson Morales
Veronica Guerin (in Film)
Not only does Cate Blanchett looks like the murdered journalist, but she captures the essence of who she was and what she accomplished with a breathtaking performance.

Reviewed by Wilson Morales
Mystic River (in Film)
Eastwood has put together a great murder mystery film without it having any clichéd moments from the genre.

Reviewed by Wilson Morales
Kill Bill (in Film)
Kill Bill is an incomplete tale of bloodthirsty revenge that’s sure to satiate those of you who revel in sick and twisted cinema. Die-hard Quentin Tarantino fans and action junkies will love this.

Reviewed by Monikka Stallworth
Bus 174 (in Film)
The film is more than just a documentary. It is a thorough, detail oriented portrayal of a young man living with nothing but desperation, the victims he brings down with him and the society that shaped him.

Reviewed by Niija Kuykendall
Out of Time (in Film)
“Out of Time” is a colorful and energetic film that suffers from clichéd scenes from other movies.

Reviewed by Wilson Morales
Blue Hill Avenue (in Indie)
Though the theme is not new, and the plot has been seen before, the twist is interesting and the acting is excellent.

Reviewed by T.A. Fields
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