March 2003
The Core

Reviewed by Wilson Morales

The Core
Distributor: Paramount
Director: Jon Amiel
Producers: Sean Bailey, David Foster, & Cooper Layne
Screenplay: Cooper Layne & John Rogers
Music: Christopher Young
Cast: Aaron Eckhart, Hilary Swank, Delroy Lindo, Stanley Tucci, Tcheky Karyo, Bruce Greenwood, DJ Qualls, Alfre Woodward, & Richard Jenkins

Clockwise from lower left: Hilary Swank, Aaron Eckhart, Delroy Lindo, Stanley Tucci, Tcheky Karyo and Bruce Greenwood in Paramount's The Core - 2003

The Golden Gate's destruction in Paramount's The Core - 2003

DJ Qualls in Paramount's The Core - 2003


Some science fiction films are supposed to be fun. Take for example Independence Day and Armageddon. These are films in which Earth and its inhabitants are in danger and a team of “brave souls” are assembled to save the day. It’s a pure "junk" film as a good friend would say. These are throw away films; films to take to your mind away from the things we face in real life. Go with this thought and you will enjoy The Core. If not, then this film is a complete mess with no hope of attracting an audience.

Everything is peaceful on Earth until birds start falling to the ground dead, and folks with heart pacers stop and people die. It doesn’t take long before the government brings in Geophysicist Professor Josh Keyes for his opinion on the matter and he figures it out. Seems that the core that make the Earth spin has stopped and unless it can be fixed, the electromagnetic field that makes things run will stop and the Earth will destroy itself. Hence, Josh and a small team are assembled to go the root of the Earth to do something to jump start the core and make it work again. Along for the ride are Astronauts Major Rebecca Childs ( Swank) and Colonel Robert Iverson (Greenwood), Weapons Expert Sergei Leveque (Karyo), renown geophysicist Dr. Conrad Zimsky, and his estranged friend, scientist Dr. Brazzelton (Lindo), who spent part of his life building a laser powered earth driller. As with most of the sci-fi films, time is at the essence and the team has put aside their differences and fears to complete their mission.

First of the all, you must take this film as a popcorn movie. The script is pathetic. Most of the plot developments are clichés from other films. The existence of mankind is at stake, and the very best available people to handle the job are all Americans. The laws of plausibility are thrown out the windows as nothing is logical. It’s amazing that even at the core of the Earth, the folks at NASA can still hear what’s going on with the crew. Hilary Swank is actually good in her role as the astronaut. With the exception of Stanley Tucci, who’s way over-the-top with his role, everyone else is equally good. The script is the failure is with this film. It tries to take itself too seriously. There are moments of comedy when it doesn’t need to be. This film is too predicable. Popcorn movies like this are meant to ease your mind, because you don’t get a chance to think, just watch.