February 2003
Cradle 2 the Grave

Reviewed by Diana Blain

Cradle 2 the Grave
Distributor: Warner Bros. Pictures
Directed by: Andrzej Bartkowiak
Produced by Silver Pictures (Joel Silver)
Screenplay by John O’Brien & Channing Gibson, story by John O’Brien
Music by John Frizzell and Damon “Grease” Blackman
Cast: DMX, Jet Li, Gabrielle Union, Kelly Hu, Anthony Anderson, Tom Arnold, Mark Dacascos

DMX and Gabrielle Union in Warner Brothers' Cradle 2 The Grave - 2003

Jet Li in Warner Brothers' Cradle 2 The Grave - 2003

Drag-On in Warner Brothers' Cradle 2 The Grave

Lester Speight and Anthony Anderson in Warner Brothers' Cradle 2 The Grave - 2003


“X Is Gon’ Give It To Ya” are a few memorable words in DMX’s latest single(Cradle 2 The Grave’s soundtrack) and he certainly “Gives It To Ya” in his latest movie “Cradle 2 the Grave” to be released February 28, 2003.

In this storyline Tony Fait played by (DMX) takes care of business with his fiercely loyal and dedicated crew of professionals (ANTHONY ANDERSON, GABRIELLE UNION and DRAG-ON).

After these masters of thieves pull off a complex heist obtaining rare black diamonds, Fait quickly comes fist-to-fist with Su (JET LI), a Taiwanese government agent who has pursued the rare stones halfway across the world. As lethal as he is relentless, Su isn't just hunting down diamonds - he's hunting Ling (MARK DACASCOS), his former partner turn criminal, who kidnaps Fait's daughter Vanessa (PAIGE HURD) in a ploy to exchange her for the stolen jewels. Fait and Su find common ground and become a team in pursuit of Vanessa and the jewels.

Action! Action! Action! is what you’ll find while watching this movie at a major theater near you. The blending of martial arts and street edge is creatively put together. DMX’s passion for his daughter brings out the dog in him making him unstoppable on screen. Just when you think the needle has hit near 10 on the rector scale, we are introduced to the fiery-eyed Jet Li, whose presence engages the audience with his calm but kick-ass demeanor. The beautiful Gabrielle Union tames the men with her sexy and flirtatious manner but nevertheless gets the job done. Anthony Anderson steals the show with his satirical portrayal of a flamboyant gay man coming on to a security guard as well as a pest control employee trying to con his way into a night club. Though some scenes might seem near fantasy, I think viewers will love this one. This action pack flick keeps you on the edge of your seat.