January 2002
Week of Jan 25th thru Feb 1st

Martell Presents
the blackfilm.com screening series in The Windy City

The blackfilm.com crew is hosting its first Chicago Screening Series event at the magnificent Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago on Friday, February 1st. If you have not purchased tickets, click here. We are showcasing "30 Years To Life," which was directed by Vanessa Middleton and produced by Ms. Middleton, platinum-plus music producer, Timbaland and Gingi Rochelle. The film is an ensemble comedy that follows the lives of six friends during the twelve-month period in which they reach their 30th birthdays. The film stars Erika Alexander, Kadeem Hardison, Allen Payne, Melissa De Sousa, T.E. Russell, Tracy Morgan, and Paula Jai Parker. We look forward to visiting other cities with this film and other 4 star films that offer our audience a new slice of life. Next Stop? Washington D.C., Los Angeles and more to come…If you currently are not subscribed to our weekly newsletter, today is the day to join us. Visit the home page, and enter your e-mail address in the subscription box.

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Latest Features Additions:
I love a good buddy picture. Growing up, I spent many a Sunday afternoon enraptured by the Dean Martin/Jerry Lewis flicks and, in a pinch, one of those Bing Crosby/Bob Hope road pics are a great way to pass a couple of hours.

by Vincent Williams

It's Not A Comet, It's Halle's Ball
On the day she won the Best Actress award from the National Board of Review, Halle talked with blackfilm.com about her experience in starring in "Monster's Ball".

Interviewed by Wilson Morales

Toe to Toe with the Chosen One : An Interview with Will Smith
In the last ten years, no other person has captured the hearts of television, music, and film fans more than Will Smith. Achieving success on all levels isn’t enough for the “The Fresh Prince”.

Interviewed by Wilson Morales

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Latest Review Additions:
Cuba Gooding, Jr.’s SNOW DOGS - Disney, Colorized!
First, Notre Dame hires an African-American as head coach of their football team. Then, The Walt Disney Company releases a live-action film with a black man in the lead role. Will wonders never cease?

Reviewed by Roslyn J. Bradford

Monster's Ball
Life is never an easy game to play with. Where you are, where you live, and what you do determines your outcome. For some, it may be filled with happiness, and for others, despair sets the tone. In Monster's Ball, the consequence of one brings together the lives of two tormented souls.

Reviewed by Wilson Morales

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SJ's Corner

Latest Addition:
Denzel or Will?
Eagles versus Da Bucs. (Pick the Bucs) Osama versus The West. Jay-Z versus Nas…you know the drill. Now here comes Denzel versus the boy wonder, Will Smith.

by Shelby J. Jones, Editor

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