November 2001
Ocean's Eleven : Are you in?

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Ocean's Eleven : Are you in?

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1.   The original Ocean’s Eleven starred what famous pack of men?

a. The Frat Pack
b. The Brat Pack
c. The Fat Pack
d. The Vegas Pack
e. The Rat Pack

2.   William Bradley Pitt starred opposite Tom Cruise in which one of these films?

a. True Romance
b. The Devil’s Own
c. Fight Club
d. Interview With the Vampire
e. Twelve Monkeys

3.   Don Cheadle starred opposite Denzel Washington and Jennifer Beals in this 1995 film, directed by Carl Frannklin.

a. Devil In a White Dress
b. The Devil’s Advocate
c. Devil In a Blue Dress
d. Devil May Cry
e. Demolition Man

4.   Steven Soderbergh directed Julia Roberts in her Oscar winning performance in which film?

a. Pretty Woman
b. The Player
c. Erin Brockovich
d. Sleeping With the Enemy
e. The Pelican Brief

5.   Andy Garcia first made a name for himself starring opposite Kevin Costner and Sean Connery in which film?

a. Untouchables
b. The Godfather II
c. Internal Affairs
d. Dead Again
e. Hoodlum


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