August 2001
Week of August 31st thru September 7th


Labor Day is gone and the fall movie season is about to get it on. We, of course, have some special screenings, promotions and articles for you to devour over the coming months. For this week, everybody, and we do mean, "everybody" is talking about Vivica Fox and "Two Can Play That Game." We have seen the film and we love the film. Dissecting relationships between the sexes is an ancient study but Vivica's crew including Chestnut and Anthony Anderson bring the heat - for real. So you and your better half should take a peek at this film on Friday. And after the film, oh yes, you two can definitely play.

Till next week,

The crew

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Editor's Note

Latest Editorial Addition:
Remembering Aaliyah
Whenever death rears its ugly head in the entertainment community, it touches so many lives just as an artists reaches so many of our lives with their music, performances, words or style.

by Shelby J. Jones, Editor

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Latest Interview Additions:
Don’t Tell Sistah-Girl that She Can’t Carry A Movie : An Interview with Vivica A. Fox
Vivica A. Fox is on the frontlines and the enemy is Hollywood. The evil forces from La-La Land would have you believe that an African American woman cannot carry a film. The problem is that someone forgot to tell Ms. Vivica.

Interviewed by Midas

John Carpenter : “Master of Terror” finds Horror on the Red Planet had an opportunity to listen to John Carpenter discuss his newest film, Ghosts of Mars. The director embodies an artist who has seen it all and is now comfortable making films he is proud to present to the public.

Reviewed by Midas

One for the Road : A Conversation with Ghosts’ Jason Statham
There’s more to Jason Statham than just that cool accent. Although you may not thoroughly enjoy his character’s personality in the “Ghosts of Mars,” Statham could probably convince you that he is more complex than Jericho over a beer at the “local pub.”

Reviewed by Midas

Foxy’s Sweet, Sweet Bad Ass Song : An Interview with “Ghosts of Mars” Pam Grier
Pam Grier does have things to say and those of us interested in film would be wise to listen. She has seen it all and overcome the ups and downs that accompany being a black actress in Hollywood.

Reviewed by Midas

Latest Sound Garden Addition:
Off the Beaten Path : Reviews of the Uncommon and Exceptional
New Jersey native, Pete Yorn, nearly stole the show with his big hooks and understated lyrical prowess. Yorn and his talented band showcased songs from his debut album entitled, “musicforthemorningafter”.

by Daos Boonma

Latest Article Addition:
Scene from Rush Hour 2
Film Duds : Attack of the Summer Blockbusters
Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker teamed up for the second go ‘round of east meets west crime fighting in “Rush Hour 2,” and while the script offered little new and improved humor, the gags, explosions and suits were bigger, brighter and better.

by Kellye Whitney

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Latest Film Reviews Additions:
The latest Shakespeare play to be adapted to the screen is “O,” short for Othello. The film is set in today’s era in a high school environment. Because of the horrific incident that occurred a few years ago at Columbine High School in Colorado, the powers-that-be held the film back for two years.

Reviewed by Wilson Morales

John Carpenter’s “Ghosts of Mars” - Is there a Ghostbuster in the House?
I have seen an hour and 45 minute glimpse of the future and it ain’t pretty. For those of you concerned that there might not be any black folk in 2176 AD, fear not brothers like Ice Cube and sisters like Pam Grier are all part of the population on the now human inhabited Mars.

Reviewed by Midas

Latest Indie Reviews Additions:
Jump Tomorrow
In Josh Hopkins’ first feature film, “Jump Tomorrow,” he manages to make this quirky comedy enjoyable. It’s a battle between love and responsibility. Guess which prevails?

Reviewed by Wilson Morales

Latest Soundtrack Reviews Addition:
Baby Boy - Close but not good enough
Rarely does the infamous “younger generation” recognize where samples for the most popular hip-hop song originated. This is the compelling undercurrent surrounding the “Baby Boy” Soundtrack.

Reviewed by Midas

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