August 2001
Love Relations : Deep Soul

Love Relations - Deep Soul

Do you own a really good pair of shoes? The shoe that fits every occasion, withstands every up and down and the sole that seems to get stronger with age? Then, you know that the heart, much like the shoe can handle any bump in the road -- as long as you take the time to brush and polish it once in a while. If you didn't know, ask anyone who’s seen Delvin Molden and Michael Hoffman's “Love Relations,” a film that addresses a family's struggle to mend old mistakes, avoid new ones and fortify their love along the way.

Frank (Charles Michael Moore), owner of a well-known shine shop is an aged widower who is forced to put aside old grudges when his health brings his daughters, Kay and Rona and their emotional baggage together. Baggage, in this case, refers to Shaun, Kay's wild teen son who she struggles to direct and protect as only a (mother/father) can do, and Steve, Rona's wandering husband. The lives of the tumultuous family is skillfully intertwined with the trials of newlywed couple, Phil and Selena, as Phil comes by the shop for his routine "spit 'n shine" and counsel.

Instead of sticking to the ready made formula for relationship films, Delvin Molden and Michael Hoffman choose to deal with issues such as interracial marriages, infidelity, single parent rearing, death and the numerous aspects of love that can occur in one family. By doing this, they create a deep sense of reality in the film. The flaws of the various characters hit so close to home that you do not simply observe--you intimately relate. Even if you choose not to admit to these flaws, you can still feel it because, after all, everyone has a good pair of shoes.


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