June 2001
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This weekend marks the return of John Singleton to the big screen with his latest creation, "Baby Boy." The blackfilm.com crew has listened to many of your cries, whispers, rants and raves about this film - some of you that saw it in Acapulco thought it was excellent and some people think its sexist, and others have said it's the worst film they have ever seen. So listen up baby boy, go to your local Cinema and see it for yourself and tell us what you think. Whatever the case may be, we know it's definitely not just like "Boyz In The Hood." John takes a small leap with this film and serves it up South Central style minus Doughboy, jheri curls and wack ass-gangsters…well, actually, there may be one or two gangsters but they are minimized in their glory…trust us.

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Baby Boy - New 6/29 !
"For every player out there who has numerous kids, but still lives at home, this film serves as a wake up call."
by Wilson Morales


Dr. Dolittle 2 - New 6/29 !  
"Sequels are never easy to direct. They are set up to become franchises for some studios. After the financial success of the first film, so much pressure is put on to double the box office gross.
by Wilson Morales

A Huey Newton Story - New 6/22 !

What amazes is that the Newton we see is not cloaked in nostalgia. He is very much alive, transitioning smoothly between riffs on J. Edgar Hoover and quoting from the rhymes of Biggie Smalls. The film triumphs because it is an introduction to Newton as a microcosm of ourselves, our culture, our struggle. And the revolution rages on.

by Rae Wilson

“What’s the Worst That Could Happen?” is the answer to its own question. Martin Lawrence has had a string of good luck the last few years. His last two films, Big Momma’s House and Blue Streak, were hits. Alas, as some would say, “all good things must come to an end”.
by Wilson Morales (New York)

Our Song - New 5/25 !

In today's world, movies of all genres never surprise the audience.  Most plots are contrived to fool us or to get our attention.  Currently, in the teenage market, all films carry the same plots; romance and lots of tomfoolery - never dramatic...
by Wilson Morales (New York)


Angel Eyes - New 5/17 !
In the last few years, there have been a few actors who have multi-talented skills such as Will Smith and Jennifer Lopez. Both have appeared on TV shows and both are singers. Their fan base stretches farther than the film community. Lopez has a new movie called “Angel Eyes,” which is being marketed in the wrong direction and may leave her fans disappointed.
by Wilson Morales (New York)
Time and Tide - New 5/11 !
With "Time and Tide", Tsui Hark has returned to the roots that made him the "Sam Peckingpah of Hollywood".
by Wilson Morales (New York)
It’s “Charlie’s Angels” – with a sci-fi twist! What if there were four “Angels” instead of three – give ‘em sketchy back stories, complex motivations, and a dash of cyberpunk.
By Daos Boonma (Los Angeles)

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It’s Kellye Time! I’m back with the latest addition of “Film Duds.” Current fashion accessory of the moment: The BDL - Best Dressed List.
by Kellye Whitney (Chicago)


Being British - New 5/17 !
I've decided I want to become British. And, for me, the final straw was TOM GREEN.
by Scott Southard (Los Angeles)


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[All Features]

I like television because you get to stay with the people for a longer period of time and you create a bond. In "Dr. Dolittle 2", I created a bond with my little sister, and although we still have it, I don’t get to see her every day like I did, and I miss her. But with "Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper", I saw them for four years, and it’s just a tighter bond.

by Roslyn J. Bradford

Don Cheadle first caught out attention playing "Mouse" in "Devil in a Blue Dress." It’s a role he should have been nominated for, but that’s another story. Since then, he has been blessed with lots of good parts including last year’s role as a cop in the widely acclaimed film "Traffic." Now he’s back playing yet another cop in "Swordfish".

by Wilson Morales

Melvin James was chosen to direct "Honeybee" based on his skills and experience. He shares his thoughts with blackfilm.com

by Wilson Morales


Halle Berry has been around for years, but it is the Dorothy Dandridge film that made Hollywood eyes open up. With the acclaim of that film and her new marriage to singer Eric Benet, Halle is ready to take on life and career with a new direction.

by Wilson Morales


[All Features]
"LUMUMBA should win an Oscar for something so tell me how it didn't win the award for Best International Film?"
by Brandi Smith

"In a community where homophobia still plays a major role socially, "One Week" comes direct in it's dealings with an epidemic that is affecting young African-Americans at an alarming rate."
by Neil Hodges

Unfortunately, my own gangster boogie moves were slightly more awkward, having already banged Jodie in the head with my elbow when Hell Up in Harlem was playing...
by Michael A. Gonzales


Closing my eyes, I fantasized about the future Bomb Squad movie: its about these kids in Harlem who fight the man with aerosol cans as we spread the joy of Black Power with the fine art of graffiti. Of course at the end of the flick I would get the chick.
by Michael A. Gonzales


"Hear Freddy's been at it again," laughed ma, pouring glasses of Yargo sangria. "I don't know what's worse, him messing with those young girls, who are taking his money or all the cash he owns Big Daddy...
by Michael A. Gonzales


Filmmaker John Singleton addresses fellow USC alumni and guests Critically-acclaimed filmmaker John Singleton, writer / director / producer of the much anticipated summer film, “Baby Boy” took time from his demanding soundtrack production schedule to toast student scholars and awardees as Honorary Chairman of the 23rd Annual USC Black Alumni Association (BAA) Scholarship Gala 2001...

 By Roslyn J. Bradford (Los Angeles)

The winter moon was a yellow stain across the sky, softly illuminating the countless storefronts lining the sidewalk. Coming outta The Oasis after going to pick-up some loot from mommy, I could still hear Red Jackson talking in his bellowing Little Caesar/James Cagney voice, stirring stardust echoes in my head...
by Michael A. Gonzales


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