March 2001
Gallery : Stacey Holman

Mirar Mirror
dir. Stacey Holman

"Smile, click, smile, click." The world of modeling sounds appealing to most, but through the eyes Denise Scott, it's an emotional and physical roller coaster.  Mirar Mirror, explores and exposes the days and nights of an ambitious African American Super Model.  Her mother, her agent, her photographer and her ex-boyfriend, each have an emotional strong hold on her life.   Their comments and suggestions affect her to an extreme point of no return.  It's about sacrificing values and beliefs, taking chances, changing the way you look to accommodate others and paying a price to be a star.  Striving for "American standard of beauty," is hard work.

About the artist:

Stacey L.  Holman, a native of Shaker Heights, Ohio, is a Master in Fine Arts Graduate of New York University graduate film program.   After directing for stage, Stacey has gone on to direct four short films: Castle of Dreams, Giving Tree, Mirar Mirror and most recently, her thesis film Girl Talk.  Her third, Mirar Mirror, has received the prestigious Warner Brothers and Martin Scorsese Post-Production Awards.  Mirar Mirror premiered at the First Run Film Festival in New York City, where it was cited for special achievement in editing, as well as the Black Student Filmmaker Showcase and the Urban World Film Festival.  Her film has also screened at the Nantucket Film Festival,, Long Island Cinema Arts Center, and the Sinking Creek Film and Video Festival in Tennessee.  Her fourth film Girl Talk was recently accepted at Martha's Flavor Festival in August.